Gaeilge awards! 

Congratulations to the boy and girl who won our Irish competition which went on over June. It was an extremely tight competition!! We also had a runner up for most improved! This boy almost won!! Huge well done!! Very proud teacher.  



Last day of 1st class!

What a lucky teacher I am to have had such a fabulous class for two years!! 


Projects continued and attendance awards!


Mini beast projects (continued)


Euro 2016

We’ve decided to get involved with euro2016 in our class. Everyone has a team to shout for (raffle) and it’s all for fun! We’re all still hoping for an Irish miracle though!! 


Mini beasts

We’ve been learning all about mini beasts. Grace Gard brought us on a nature hunt to find as many local mini beasts as we could. We loved it!! Out projects are looking really brilliant aswell!



School Tour

We had a brilliant day on our school tour in Greenán farm and maze. We went on a brilliant forest walk, visited a farm, looked at old farm machinery and worked our way around a huge maze! It was amazing!  


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